Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Companies in Canada

Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Companies in Canada

Finding the perfect lead generation company can be pretty intimidating. You need someone who gets you and can bring you the results you want in a quick and effective way. 

That’s because if you’re looking for a lead generation company, chances are you’re after high-quality leads that will boost your sales and revenue. 

The thing is, most lead generation agencies will recommend strategies that don’t fit your needs — like SEO, content marketing, and PPC – which require a lot of investment and time to yield results.

As a business that’s in dire need of leads and sales growth, you want something that’s tailored to your needs and budget. 

That’s why we’ve searched the internet high and low to find the top 10 lead generation companies that you should consider for your lead generation needs in Canada.

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10 most popular B2B lead generation companies in Canada 

Here is a quick detail of the top companies in Canada that you can consider for your lead generation and appointment setting service needs. 

1. Nerdy Joe

At Nerdy Joe, we’re not your typical lead generation agency. We specialize in B2B digital marketing and excel in providing email marketing and outbound lead generation services. We prefer focusing on one service and doing it really well.

Our team of experts are pros at generating leads and setting appointments. We use effective cold email and LinkedIn outreach strategies to connect with potential customers through cold outreach methods, such as cold email and email marketing. We take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor our services to ensure you get the results you want.

We don’t just stop at generating leads. Our goal is to help you convert those leads into loyal customers. That’s why we focus on finding leads that not only have a genuine interest in your product or service but are also more likely to make a purchase.

Working with us is “easy-peasy”. You don’t have to commit to a certain number of months, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you choose to work with us.

Why Nerdy Joe is the best lead generation service provider in Canada for you

You pay for the actual results, the number of leads we bring to your table, rather than the quantity of emails we send out or how many channels we use.

The heading you just read might confuse you. And you might wonder what we mean by “you only pay for the actual results”. Now, here is our thinking. 

If you’re looking for a lead generation service provider’s help, it’s because you’re not growing as quickly as you want to, and you need more leads to sell to.

Because of this, we don’t care about or bother you with things like the number of emails we send or the work we do — we’re all about the results we get for you.

That said, there are four types of lead generation companies out there. 

  • The first type charges you based on how many emails they send or how many contacts they add to your list. 
  • The second type charges you a monthly fee, but they don’t always deliver on their promise to get you the best leads. 
  • The third type considers anyone who downloads an ebook or PDF to be a “lead” and charges you for that. 
  • And finally, the fourth type charges you based on the number of qualified leads they bring in for your sales team.

But let’s be real, only the last type of company truly cares about your return on investment (ROI) and gets you the best result — and that’s where we stand. 

We prioritize providing value and focusing on the metrics that matter, like the number of positive replies we get, the number of meetings we book, and the lead-to-close rate.

For example, if you want to work with us to increase your SaaS product’s customer base, we’ll report back on the number of: 

  • new sign-ups you get, 
  • positive replies you get, 
  • demo calls we book for you, 
  • new clients we bring in for you. 

If you’re selling a CBD-based healthcare solution to individuals with chronic pain, we will reach out to healthcare centers and doctors who treat people with conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, etc., and we report back on:

  • doctors wanting to buy
  • doctors wanting to learn more by hearing from you
  • doctors wanting to describe their clients’ unique conditions
  • Etc.

You get the point, yeah?

Our offering is tailored to your specific goals and what outcome matters most to you. 

You get to work with a company that operates with strong and excellent outreach  — rather than one that just sends out generic, impersonal emails to everyone.

Lots of people in the lead generation industry think that to be successful with cold outreach or lead generation, you need to send out about 1000 emails a day. Basically, they see cold outreach as a number’s game.

Even some of the most well-known lead generation agencies recommend building lists of 30,000 people and reaching out to all of them in a month.

Their theory is that by sending out a ton of emails, they’ll eventually get a good amount of people interested in their clients’ products or services.

But while this approach may seem logical on paper, it’s not necessarily the most effective way to get results.

From our experience, here is what it means if you are targeting huge lists: 

  • Lead blasting: If you are sending emails to this many people, it means that you are not taking the time to properly research your prospects to tailor your email to each individual. You’re blasting people with generic cold emails and pushing for action. They might say you’re selfish and lazy. 
  • Poor leads quality: Since there is no super personalization, the quality of the leads you get the meetings with will be subpar, and you can’t convert, at least not easily or in a short timeframe. 
  • Pissed prospects: Some prospects can be mean to you, saying things like “Remove me from your list”, “Don’t ever email me again” or worse, “Your cold email sucks”. 
  • Your brand reputation is on the hook: Targeting people with generic emails can negatively impact your company’s reputation. This can be particularly damaging if you are in a competitive industry or rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. Also, we are sure that’s not how you want your business to be represented.

Unfortunately, lead generation has gone through some big changes lately. Just take a peek at Twitter and you’ll see what a lot of the “lead generation gurus” are talking about these days.

So, how do we do it at Nerdy Joe to guarantee excellent results for our clients? 

Now, first thing, quality outreach requires a lot of work and time, and targeting huge lists doesn’t help with that, and we understand it. 

So, instead of spraying emails and praying for results, our approach is about targeting a specific audience and crafting personalized messages for each recipient. 

Our ideal scenario is that we send 20 emails, we get 15 replies, 10 positives, and get you 4 sales-qualified leads, meetings or sign-ups.

We achieve this by being super-specific in who we target and creating personalized messages, to very short prospect lists, and guess what? It works. 

We spend time learning and researching about your ideal customer profile (ICP) in and out before we send a single email. 

We want each recipient to feel like you know them personally and take you seriously. Even if they don’t sign up for our offer, we still want them to give you a pleasant response. 

It requires researching each prospect individually and collecting data points to create cold emails that stand out and make them love what you have to say or offer them.

Just for some context on how this works for us, here’s an example of a reply we received as we reached out to a VP of Marketing who has historically blocked or reported SPAM to anyone who’s sent him a cold email.

Here’s another example where we pitched a Head of Marketing, and here’s the response. 

Gurus might say otherwise, but we usually focus our outbound lead generation campaigns on a small group of 10 to 15 people, not a huge list of 1000 prospects. We believe that the best way to make sales is by building trust and relationships.

You might be wondering how we gather information about each person in your target audience to personalize our approach. Well, we do a lot of things. We: 

  • listen to podcasts your potential customers have appeared on, 
  • read blog posts they’ve written, 
  • keep an eye on their social media posts on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon. 
  • check out discussions they’re involved in on online forums.

All this data helps us come up with unique and personalized ways to start an email conversation with your prospects. It helps us write cold emails that naturally stand out and connect with your target audience at a core level. 

Here’s an example of how it works in real life: we reached out to Ben Sailer, the Head of Content at CoSchedule, and asked him if we could write for them.

Here’s what he replied 1 hour later.

Here is another successful example from a similar strategy.

The emails we sent to those potential clients were so darn compelling that they just had to take notice and even offered to bring us on board.  

You get a squad of pros who are totally devoted to ensuring top-notch data quality and accuracy. We’ll handle all the prospecting, list building, and other tasks by hand.

It’s not that we are a bunch of crazy people who don’t understand the value of technology or sales intelligence tools. 

We’ve made it a policy to never use our clients’ data for lead generation campaigns. As well, we do not rely on data intelligence tools such as ZoomInfo or Lusha for data.

You might wonder why.

We don’t trust these data sources. We’vve tried them and they only aggregate technographic and demographic data. 

For example, using these tools, it’s easy to find data regarding companies that: 

  • Are in the accounting software industry, 
  • Have 30 to 65 employees,
  • Are series B-funded companies,
  • Are in Europe,
  • Use Slack or Digital Ocean as part of their tech stack.
  • Have a ping pong table at the office. 

The problem with this data is that it can only serve to craft obvious cold email opening lines like:

Subject line: Salesforce integration

Hey [[First name]],

You are in Canada and use Salesforce. Let’s hop on a call.

So, we like to take it a little further down the personalization road. We seek and make use of psychographic data and other types of data.

How do we do that?

When we sign a new client, one of the first things we do is ask about their ICP.

We ask questions like:

  • Which type of clients have the highest lifetime value?
  • Which type of clients is easiest to close?
  • Which type of clients churns the fastest?
  • What are the top 3 objections you hear from prospective clients during sales calls?
  • Why did you start your company? 
  • What pain points were you trying to solve?
  • Etc.

By answering these questions, we can pinpoint precisely who we should target and why. And this type of information makes the difference between: 

“We’re targeting series A tech companies,” 


Our ICP is a VP of Sales at a b2b software company selling to HR professionals, and his main pain points are lack of organization, time management, and team collaboration. He often refers to XYZ podcasts to get insights as to how to manage his team efficiently.” 

Once we have a clear understanding of who the ICP is, we proceed to manually build our list, and that’s what we use to run our lead generation campaigns.

You’ll get results from Month 1 and you don’t have to sign any contract with us — if you’re happy with our service, you can renew your subscription, and if not, you’re free to stop it anytime.

Most lead generation companies require you to sign a contract that lasts for 3 to 6 months, but not Nerdy Joe. 

We’re a subscription-based business that offers results right from Month 1. You can renew your subscription based on your satisfaction with our service and your budget. 

Plus, we won’t waste your time with unnecessary meetings or send you vague proposals based on limited information about your company.

Here is why you should dig our subscription system:

  • Unlike retainer contracts, our system doesn’t force you to commit to a fixed period of time and payment.
  • It offers less risk than a retainer contract. You won’t have to worry about the financial and legal implications of breaking a contract if you’re not satisfied with the service.
  • A retainer contract may cause a service provider to become complacent since you’re already committed to paying for their service, regardless of how satisfied you are. The system keeps us on our toes and we know we have to deliver, and that’s what we do.
Your get a clear pricing with detailed expectations

If you’ve checked a few lead generation agencies’ pricing page, you already know why it can be important that you know how much you’ll pay and what you’ll get for it before the get-go. 

Our offerings and pricing are clear. You choose a plan based on your budget and needs, and you know exactly what you get at the end of the month.

  • No, “it depends on a lot of factors.”
  • No, “Your account manager swallowed the key to his office and couldn’t work.”

If you have product-market fit and are solving a problem that most people have, it is almost everything we need to get you results. But if you’re still figuring out who your solution is best for, then we’re probably not going to be of help.


Our lead generation service’s pricing is crystal clear. We’re three plans:

  • Silver: It costs $499/month and only gives you 2 hot LEADS.
  • Gold: This is the plan we recommend, as it gives you the biggest bang for your buck. It costs $999/month and gives you 6 hot and sales-qualified appointments or LEADS.
  • Platinum: This plan is for mid-level to enterprise companies willing to fuel their sales team with up to 15 sales-ready leads on a monthly basis.

Our email marketing pricing includes the following:

  • The tech stack we use to build your prospect list and send and monitor your campaign.
  • A complete list of prospects that fit your buyer persona and ICP.
  • The campaign setup fees.

2. The Martial Group

This B2B lead generation company focuses on generating qualified lead opportunities and closing sales deals for clients in Canada. The firm has over 200 sales executives and serves various industries such as IT, financial services, retail, telecom, automotive, and more. It has four databases which consist of at least 100 million contacts. 

Once you sign up for their service, they develop targeted lists that consist of your ideal customer profile. Then, they develop marketing campaigns and implement other strategies that will get qualified leads to your CRM. Besides, you have access to a sales team that helps you to monitor your progress and close more deals. 

There is no pricing information on their website. If you want to know the exact pricing details, you must email or book a consultation with them. As well, if you intend to work with the company, you must sign a 3 months contract to get started.

3. Sales Nash

Sales Nash is another B2B lead generation company made of sales reps that offers prospecting and appointment-setting service to their clients in Canada. According to their website, they generate at least 400 appointments monthly and serve different industries such as software development, healthcare, SaaS, event management, health tech, and more. 

Their main goal is to generate qualified B2B leads while closing deals that promote the growth of the business. They achieve this through a simple process where they develop and implement strategies that enable them to discover your ideal customer profile. They also set up a dedicated sales team for you that initiates conversations with your prospects, selects the qualified leads, and makes appointments with them.

According to Clutch, their common project size ranges between $10,000 to $49,000. Their average referral rating is 4.9 out of 5. They offer a three-tier pricing plan for their SDR service. This pricing plan includes:

  • Junior team which costs $2250 per month
  • Standard team which costs $3250 per month
  • Extended team which costs $4750 per month.

4. NewBreedRevenue

This lead generation company focuses on delivering better outcomes for businesses while optimizing their CRM. Notable for partnering with HubSpot, they execute a series of technical and strategic approaches and provide proprietary analytics to ensure the growth of businesses on the platform. 

In addition, they provide custom configuration, exclusive revenue performance, and demand generation services while considering your needs and budget. They also partner with your in-house team to unlock their revenue potential and deliver the most impactful performance that propels your business. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe, there is no pricing detail on their website. But you can contact them to get a quote. 

5. Portage Sales

Portage Sales describes itself as a revenue enablement partner that helps to scale and realize your business’ true revenue potential. They offer a revenue enablement and training service where they apply a series of enablement solutions to support your needs and promote growth. 

If your team lacks the necessary skill to promote growth, they collaborate with your team and achieve the goal by creating a consistent buyer and customer experience. Then, they also offer a sales and customer success training service for your in-house team to improve their core revenue skills through their proven framework. 

Contrary to Nerdy Joe, there is no pricing information on their website. However, Clutch values its project size between $10,000 to $49,000. They also have an average review rating of 4.9 out of 5. But you can book a discovery call or email them to get a quote.

6. Purple Sales

Purple Sales is a hybrid lead generation and appointment-setting service for companies in Canada. They offer outsourced B2B sales and marketing services to companies in different industries such as financial services, manufacturing, technology, and more. 

Thanks to their appointment-setting services, they book appointments directly with your sales rep customer. They also offer other services such as sales outsourcing, tech stack optimization, and market expansion. They also provide you with a turnkey sales team that consists of 2 to 20 SDRs to grow your sales pipeline and update you about their progress. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe, there is no pricing information on their website. However, Clutch reveals that the common project size ranges between $10,000 to $49,000. They also have a 4.9/5 average referral rating. To get a specific pricing detail, you must request a consultation. 

7. Alphoric

This cold email agency specializes in generating qualified leads and improving sales through personalized email campaigns and a systemized AI outreach process. They are featured in notable publications such as Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and Market Watch. 

Although Alphoric’s pricing details aren’t revealed on their website, they operate based on a pay-per-qualified appointment model. In other words, you only pay for each qualified sales meeting booked on your calendar. If you want to get an accurate quote, you must speak with a company representative.

8. Atlantic Growth Solution

Atlantic Growth Solutions is another Canada-based B2B lead generation company that serves FinTech, tech, telecom, aerospace, IoT, cloud, and other key industries. They specialize in improving the revenue of businesses by filling up the sales pipeline with qualified leads. They have worked with notable brands such as Spotify, BlackBerry, Under Armor, and more. 

Just like how other lead generation’s success is closely tied to their services, this lead generation company is no exception. Their lead generation efforts and sales solutions focus on account-based selling, where they identify and engage target accounts to produce effective outbound sales.

Clutch rates this company as the number one lead generation company in Canada and gives it a 4.9 average review rating. Unlike Nerdy Joe, their pricing information isn’t available on their website. But you can get in touch with them to get a specific quote.

9. Lead Generators International

This North-American-based lead generation company specializes in generating appointments that produce an excellent return on investment for businesses. They have partnered with top global brands such as IBM, HP, Salesforce, Shell, Deloitte, SAP, UBS, and more. 

They focus on setting up appointments, conducting in-depth market research, and registering prospects for webinars and events. They implement a strategic lead generation process that includes:

  • Onboarding session, which involves strategic planning with the team, market research, using Zoom info as a trusted source of data, and more.
  • Campaign session, which involves collaborating with clients to build a powerful CTA and generating daily progress reports.
  •  Post-campaign, which includes wrap-up reports and conference calls. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe, their pricing details aren’t available on their website. However, you should expect to pay a service fee of at least $10,000, according to Clutch. They also have an average referral rating of 5.0. To get a quote, you must speak with the team.

10. Clever Digital Marketing 

Clever Digital Marketing is a Canadian-based growth marketing agency that provides lead-generation services through Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising. 

Their goal is simple – to see a consistent ROI. To do this, they implement their data-driven omnichannel approach which allows them to expose your business to a new customer base. They also use tracking platforms such as Hyros to monitor campaign performance. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe, their pricing details aren’t available on their website. But you should expect a service fee of at least $10,000 when considering working with them. They also have an average review rating of 5.0. If you need a quote, you must have a strategy session to get in touch with them. 

Let Nerdy Joe help you grow with lead generation 

You’ve probably taken an account of how all the companies listed here can help your business grow by generating leads. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out which one best fits your needs and goals for lead generation.

We already understand that you’re looking for a company to help you guarantee a steady stream of leads for your sales team and boost your business’ revenue, which we already qualify greatly for. 

That said, if you’re looking for an agency that:

  • Only charges you for results, not for doing tasks or sending mass emails
  • Doesn’t require you to sign a contract
  • Won’t waste your time and is affordable
  • Is made up of a team of experts who genuinely care about your company’s reputation and relationships with prospects

Then you’ll definitely want to check out Nerdy Joe as your lead generation service.

Note: Struggling to get replies or book meetings with prospects that fit in your ICP? We’ll help you get 6 SQLs or book 6 meetings with prospects that are ready to buy for only $999/month. Book a 15-minute consultation now.

Get 3 – 5 meetings every week

We can fill your calendar with 3- 5 meetings every week. Just tell us who is your ideal customer, and we’ll get you meetings with them.

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