Top 15 LinkedIn Outreach Agencies That Get Results

Top 15 LinkedIn Outreach Agencies to Consider in 2023

LinkedIn offers an excellent platform and a rich pool of B2B professionals for lead generation and appointment. But finding the right LinkedIn outreach agency to partner with is crucial to your success. 

In this article, we will explore the 15 top LinkedIn marketing agencies that can help you generate leads and book appointments for your sales teams. 

Let’s get started. 

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What are LinkedIn outreach agencies?

LinkedIn outreach agencies help businesses to generate leads by identifying, contacting, and building relationships with potential clients through LinkedIn. 

They have experts who understand how LinkedIn works and can devise and implement a unique LinkedIn outreach strategy to reach the best prospects and generate qualified leads for your business. 

Here are five services these agencies offer for businesses.

  • LinkedIn profile optimization to gain more views.
  • Craft personalized messages that resonate with the needs of your potential clients.
  • Create and share valuable content that showcases your expertise and presents you as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Create and manage LinkedIn ads to reach a wider audience.
  • Generate qualified leads and convert them into paying customers to improve revenue.

In short, LinkedIn outreach agencies are great ways to maximize your business potential by improving your LinkedIn presence and reaching the target audience. 

Benefits of using a LinkedIn outreach agency for B2B lead generation and sales.

Using a LinkedIn outreach agency for your B2B lead generation is one of the best strategies that companies can use to scale their lead generation efforts. Rather than waiting for a potential client to enter the sales funnel, you can search for them and actively engage them in a sales conversation. 

Working with a LinkedIn outreach agency can offer you these benefits:

1. Higher sales lead

When making sales outreach, you can find it a bit difficult to discover the right people that will buy from you, even after engaging them in sales conversations. However, a LinkedIn outreach agency helps you to discover the right prospect. 

After all, 47% of marketers use LinkedIn to generate leads, and 45% of them gain customers through the platform. To do this, they must develop an ICP and target the prospect by crafting personalized messages that engage their prospects in sales conversations. 

2. Lower Lead Costs

Lead acquisition costs have always been a huge challenge to various companies striving to have sustainable growth. Even when they hire an in-house lead generation team, they still find it difficult to generate high-quality leads that can convert. 

However, a LinkedIn outreach agency has the best experience and resources to take care of this. They can research who your prospects are, segment your list, reach out with personalized messages, and close the deals at a faster rate. 

3. Great business results

Many LinkedIn lead generation agencies are capable of selling more in less time. They focus on quality leads that have fewer objections and are more interested in your solutions. This makes them likely to buy from you. 

Besides, outsourcing to a LinkedIn lead generation agency frees up your schedules and allows you to prioritize important business matters. While you leave all the guesswork to the agency, you can focus on other business activities that will yield results. 

Top 15 LinkedIn outreach agencies  

1 – Nerdy Joe

At the core of our offering is our team’s expertise in utilizing a variety of LinkedIn outreach efforts to identify, connect with, and engage promising leads on LinkedIn. What sets us apart from other LinkedIn lead generation companies is our unique focus on lead generation. 

While many others offer a wide range of services, such as profile optimization, targeted prospecting, content creation, and posting, analytics, and reporting, we specialize in generating hot leads for sales and marketing teams – our unwavering devotion is to lead generation. 

We believe in delivering only one service and doing it excellently instead of being a jack-of-all-trades. Also, we firmly believe that generating leads is just the first step; the real challenge lies in converting those leads into loyal customers. 

That’s why our emphasis is on generating leads that not only express interest in your product or service but are also more likely to convert into actual buyers. We will also offer you a fully customized lead generation solution tailored to suit your specific needs.

Why Nerdy Joe is your best LinkedIn lead generation service

We don’t charge based on the number of prospects we target, but rather on the actual results we achieve. 

We understand that what matters most to your business is the outcome, and our pricing reflects our commitment to delivering tangible results that align with your goals. But here is what LinkedIn lead generation services generally look like.

Typically, they can be categorized into two groups when it comes to their pricing and how it pertains to the services they include in their deals. Let’s detail each category:

  • Companies that charge you based on the number of LinkedIn accounts they reach out to for you. They detail the different services included in the deal, and they limit it to a specific number of prospects. They don’t include anything about the results you should expect but only the number of people they’ll reach out to. 
  • Companies that charge you based on the work they do for you and not the results they will bring you. These are the types of LinkedIn lead gen agencies that offer all kinds of LinkedIn-related services, from profile optimization, content creation, analytics, etc. 

We believe that neither of these approaches is truly beneficial for your business. 

As a lead gen service, we understand that your primary goal is to generate more leads to fuel your sales pipeline. Therefore, any paid lead generation service should revolve around the actual leads they bring to your table.

In other words, if you are looking for a LinkedIn lead generation service, for us, it means that you are primarily looking to get more leads from LinkedIn to grow your business. And the specific number of leads you get is what you should pay for. 

That’s why at Nerdy Joe, we don’t charge you based on the number of LinkedIn messages we will send or the work we will do, but rather on the results we deliver – the number of qualified leads generated or appointments booked for your sales team. 

Consequently, we eliminate vanity metrics like the number of InMails or LinkedIn connections sent, and instead focus on meaningful metrics that align with your lead generation goals.

That said, some of the metrics we report on include:

  • Number of positive replies
  • Number of meetings booked
  • Lead to close rate

For instance, if you want to work with us to increase the customer base for your SaaS product, we’ll report:

  • The number of new sign-ups you get. 
  • The number of positive replies we get.
  • The number of demo calls we book for you.
  • And the number of new clients we get for you.
Our team manually builds prospect lists, ensuring that each lead is valid, up-to-date, meets your specific criteria, and aligns with your ICP.

LinkedIn lead generation agencies often employ a cookie-cutter approach to prospecting and building lead lists, asking a few generic questions about target markets and relying on LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedIn sales navigator. 

While this method may work for some, it has inherent limitations — and data accuracy issues and lack of personalization are the main reasons we don’t trust or proceed with any LinkedIn lead generation tool in our service. Also:

  • Many LinkedIn users don’t update their profiles regularly, resulting in outdated job details and company affiliations. 
  • It’s crazy times (especially in tech), and the LinkedIn sales navigator may not accurately differentiate between employees who have been laid off and those who are still employed. That will lead to unreliable data for prospecting campaigns.
  • Moreover, this approach lacks insights into the pain points and motivations of the prospects. This makes it challenging to create personalized and effective messages.

So, as you can guess, we prioritize quality data to build prospect lists and craft messages that resonate with them on a deeper level.

Upon signing up with us, we conduct a thorough assessment of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) through targeted questions. We inquire about the following: 

  • the types of clients with the highest lifetime value, 
  • the easiest clients to close, 
  • the clients with the fastest churn rate, 
  • common objections heard during sales calls, 
  • the reasons behind starting your company, 
  • the pain points you were trying to address, among other details.

By gathering these comprehensive insights from you, we are able to pinpoint precisely which accounts to target and why, and we manually build our list accordingly. 

Here’s an example of how specific we can get:

“Our ICP is a CTO at a software company selling to DevOps, and his main pain points are lack of organization, time management, and team collaboration. He often refers to John Doe’s LinkedIn posts to get insights on how to efficiently manage his team.”

With this level of specificity, we create highly targeted and personalized lead generation campaigns that are tailored to resonate with the individual personally of each prospect we want to reach. 

Our approach is all about candid outreach with a strong emphasis on super-personalization.

When you visit the website of most LinkedIn lead generation services, you’ll notice that a common part of their strategy is to send thousands of LinkedIn messages to close a small percentage of the prospects they reach out to. 

This approach of theirs is mainly what calls for the need to build extensive lists from Sales Navigator, create persona-based message templates, and send out mass connections and messages. 

The idea is to send a large volume of messages, with the hope of getting a small percentage of them to reply and then book calls or close deals with an even smaller percentage by the end of the week.

While this approach may seem straightforward and potentially effective, it’s important to consider how it may impact your brand or company’s perception among potential buyers on a professional platform like LinkedIn. 

Imagine if you had to choose between two LinkedIn marketing agencies:

  • A: An agency that builds massive lists of thousands of people and sends them generic messages, hoping to convert a reasonable percentage of them. 
  • B: An agency that carefully researches and identifies 30 prospects and crafts personalized, relevant, and compelling messages to reach out to them, aiming to close a significant portion of them.

Most likely, you would choose option B, right? That’s what we thought.

The truth is, the agency following approach A may still deliver results, as it’s easy to believe that sending more connections and messages will increase the chances of closing clients. However, this mass outreach strategy can come with several well-known issues:

  1. You may come across as a spammer and irritate potential prospects.
  2. LinkedIn may ban or restrict your account for excessive activity.
  3. Targeting a large number of prospects leaves little room for proper research and personalization, resulting in generic and non-specific messages that may be seen as self-serving.
  4. It can harm your company’s reputation and negatively impact your LinkedIn presence.
  5. The quality of leads generated will be subpar.

That’s why we prioritize being highly specific in our prospect targeting, as evident in our prospecting and list building methodology. We believe in sending personalized messages to a select, shortlist of LinkedIn members, and it works.

Our ideal scenario is to send a smaller volume of messages, around 20, and aim for a higher response rate with 15 replies, 10 positive interactions, and ultimately generating 4 sales-qualified leads or sign-ups.

The key to our success lies in excellent manual prospecting and strong personalization. By personalization, we mean crafting each message to be relatable and timely for each individual recipient. 

You may wonder where we gather the information for such personalization. We do thorough research by:

  1. Reading their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon posts.
  2. Checking the people they follow and the posts they engage with.
  3. Listening to podcasts they have participated in.
  4. Reading blog posts they have written.
  5. Reviewing discussions on forums they are active in.

Using the data we collect, we create customized first lines and icebreakers tailored to each prospect, resulting in a more genuine and effective outreach approach.

Here is an example. 

We don’t believe in long-term contracts that bind our clients to us, as we are confident in our ability to deliver results and earn your business month after month.

Many lead generation companies require a 3 to 6-month contract before commencing collaboration. They often justify this by explaining that testing and the purchase journey take time. As a result, you end up paying monthly for expected results, even if they are not delivered. This can lead to significant investment with little to show for it.

In contrast, our services operate on a subscription-based model. We guarantee results starting from the first month, and you have the flexibility to choose whether to continue or not based on your satisfaction and budget. 

This means you know exactly what you are paying for upfront, eliminating the stress of long-term contracts and giving you control over your decision-making process.

2 – Salesbread

Salesbread is a B2B lead generation company that generates sales-qualified leads through “ultra-personalized” LinkedIn messages and emails for their clients. They worked with companies such as Connex Partners, Recurly, eKomi, ClearLink, ChatLingual, One Up, and more. 

They specialize in converting cold prospects into warm leads after booking appointments with you. They operate through six processes to close deals for their clients. There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can schedule a free consultation call with them. 

2 – LinkedSelling

LinkedSelling is a B2B lead generation and sales development company that helps companies to generate high-quality leads and appointments through a multi-channel approach. While they generate leads for their clients, they also ensure to build of more profitable business relationships through two main approaches:

  • With their outbound lead generation services, they design and implement strategic outreach and follow-up campaigns to get in front of your ideal prospects at the right time. These campaigns can be through LinkedIn, social media, phone calls, and emails.
  • Their social media campaign management services enable them to tailor their strategies to your prospects’ profile(s) and pain points. 

They also specialize in LinkedIn ads, where they nurture and manage qualified leads in the right way to achieve positive results. There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can book a free consultation with them.

4 – LeadCookie

LeadCookie is a B2B lead generation agency that specializes in generating highly-qualified sales opportunities for their clients. 

They have worked for various companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and AT&T. They are full-service outbound agencies that build hand-crafted campaigns through multi-channel approaches such as LinkedIn, phone calls, and emails.

They do this by finding the right people that will be the right fit for you. They implement human-powered campaigns at scale, customize them to your needs, and integrate them with your existing systems. 

They manage all your campaigns so that you can focus on new opportunities. There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can contact them to request a quote.

5 –

Expandi is a cloud-based automation tool that allows the design and automation of LinkedIn outreach campaigns for growth marketers, startup founders, business developers, recruiters, and agency owners. 

They have been featured in hundreds of publications, such as Forbes, The Top Entrepreneurs, Growth Hackers, and more. They have also worked with companies such as BAMF, Hyperise, ROI plan, Docsify, SalesProcess, and more.

It is reliable software with unique features which you can use to automate your LinkedIn outreach. These features include:

  • A dedicated country-based IP address
  • The delay between actions to replicate human behavior
  • Cloud-based software
  • Smart limits that allow you to send up to 100 invites and 100 messages per day
  • Auto-warm-up feature to limit daily campaigns and mimic human behavior. 

They target an audience that fits your ideal ICP, craft hyper-personalized messages, and send follow-ups to spice up your outreach. You also have access to a smart inbox and in-app chats that organize all your prospect’s communication in a single place. 

In addition, you also know the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns through key metrics that determine whether the campaign was a success or not. 

To get started with these automation tools, you have to pay $99/ seat per month, or you can start a 7-day free trial to try out their service.

6 – B2Linked

B2Linked is a LinkedIn advertising agency that generates high-quality at scale to land your dream customers. They have extensive experience in managing large LinkedIn Ad accounts and creating tailor-made strategies for advertisers of all sizes. 

They perform LinkedIn audience-based targeting, which gets your messages out to unique prospects who are more qualified to buy. There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can book a discovery call to get more information. 

7 – SocialSellinator

Social Sellinator is a social media management and marketing agency that generates qualified leads for B2B and B2C businesses. They specialize in LinkedIn lead generation by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate qualified sales opportunities in your target market. 

Their process begins by accessing your profile and leveraging the sales navigator to find prospects and nurture leads.

Then, they create messages that relate to your brand, products, and services to cause the prospects to act. Their campaign also includes sending follow-up messages to leads who didn’t react to their first outreach efforts. 

Finally, they engage and nurture your leads in sales conversations through phone calls, in-person meetings, or Zoom meetings outside the LinkedIn ecosystem. Although there is no specific pricing detail about their LinkedIn lead generation service on their website, you can book a call with them to request a quote.

8 – SalesRoads

SalesRoads is a lead generation agency that offers sales outsourcing services to various companies such as Microsoft, Quest Diagnostics, Shell, Parker, and more. They generate qualified leads and offer appointment-setting services to scale the revenue operations of companies. 

You can get a dedicated SDR team that helps to increase sales opportunities and improve growth. There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can fill out their forms to get further information. 

9 – SalesHive

Sales Hive is a B2B sales agency that offers LinkedIn outreach and other services to various B2B companies. They have worked for over 250 companies, such as Shopify, YouGov, Asurion, Plume, and more. 

They begin their LinkedIn outreach service by tailoring your LinkedIn profile to make a great impression on your prospects. Then, they expand your network with daily invites to decision-makers and influencers and send 2 or more follow-up messages to generate responses. 

They aim to increase your reach, conversations, and conversions through LinkedIn outreach. 

They offer three pricing plans for their services which include:

  • Starter plan, which costs $5,000 per month
  • Growth plan, which costs $8,000 per month
  • Crush plan, which costs $12,000 per month.

10 – BAMF (Badass Marketers & Founders)

BAMF is a LinkedIn marketing agency that specializes in turning its clients into LinkedIn influencers through engaging content and outreach that drives sales for B2B SaaS founders, sales leaders, agencies, and consultants. 

They have worked with over 500 entrepreneurs and companies, such as Pioneer, Tenzo, O-Live, Mind Valley, Unicorn Snot, Russell Brunson, Compass, and more. 

Here is a quick view of how their LinkedIn process works:

  • They write viral content for your profile
  • They connect you to relevant prospects
  • They flood your calendar with qualified leads.

There are no pricing details on their website, but you can book a free consultation with them to get a quote. 

11 – The Social Effect

The Social Effect is a B2B marketing agency that helps you build pipelines through a multi-channel approach. They offer product-centric and self-promotional B2B marketing to generate sales and improve growth.

There is no product detail on their website, but you can contact them to get more information.

12 – HyperSocial

HyperSocial is a B2B sales and marketing company that offers LinkedIn outreach and other services to its clients. They have worked with various companies such as WeWork, SlimFast, Wendy’s, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Morgan Stanley, Five Guys, Conair, and more.

They specialize in building an effective LinkedIn campaign to create the right conversations with your ideal target audience. Their services include:

  • Profile optimization, where they highlight your personality, business, and goals on your profile page.
  • LinkedIn messaging campaign where they craft personalized messages
  • A parallel email campaign to accompany your LinkedIn message.

They also help to identify your ideal target audience in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and send personalized messages to engage them. They also integrate your CRM with their software and measure the performance of your campaign. There are no pricing details on their website, but you can chat with their team or book a free consultation with them. 

13 – Oppilo Marketing

Oppilo Marketing is a marketing agency that generates qualified leads and offers LinkedIn outreach services for various B2B professionals. They have booked meetings for various companies such as ABC News, Bloomberg, Cisco, Billboard, Dell, Walker & Dunlop, Time, RollingStone, and more. They have also been featured in publications, including Business News Daily, Thrive Global, Databox, UpCity, Clutch, TechPoint, and more. 

They offer various services associated with LinkedIn and this including:

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization, where they build profiles to attract and convert leads
  • LinkedIn Content Marketing, where they establish your brand
  • LinkedIn Outreach, where they build personalized outreach funnels to generate and convert qualified leads. 

There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can book a call to get more information. 

14 – Stormbreaker Digital

Stormbreaker Digital is a marketing agency that specializes in generating qualified leads and driving revenue for its clients. They customize their lead generation and email marketing  campaign to target and interact with business prospects at every stage of the sales funnel and convert them. 

They implement a five-step approach that enables them to inspire their prospects to perform the desired action. There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can schedule a strategy call to get started.

15 – Lead Hustle

Lead Hustle is a top-rated LinkedIn marketing strategy agency that generates qualified leads for SaaS companies, coaches, freelancers, marketers, and professionals. They specialize in building your LinkedIn network strategically to generate 20-40 responses every month. 

To do this, they, get you verified email addresses and phone numbers of your target prospects and craft unique messages to build relationships with them. 

Lead Hustle offers three pricing plans for their services which require you to pay for a minimum of 2 months campaign. This includes:

  • Basic plan, which costs $498
  • Intermediate plan, which costs $698
  • Enterprise plan, which costs $1298 

Partner with Nerdy Joe for effective LinkedIn lead generation

As mentioned in this article, we believe that all the listed LinkedIn lead generation services have the potential to help you reach out to prospects and generate leads for your sales team.

However, if you are specifically looking for:

  • An agency that charges based on results, not tasks, not the marketing efforts, or the number of prospects reached out to.
  • An agency that doesn’t require a long-term contract commitment.
  • An agency that values your time and offers affordable solutions.
  • A team of experts that prioritize your company’s reputation and relationships with prospects.

Then Nerdy Joe is the ideal choice for you. We offer a results-oriented approach without binding contracts, and we are committed to delivering value at an affordable price point. 

Give us a try, and we’ll generate six sales-qualified leads for your pipeline, or fill your calendar with six meetings with high-quality leads for just $999. Let’s fill your calendar now!

Note: Struggling to get replies or book meetings with prospects that fit in your ICP? We’ll help you get 6 SQLs or book 6 meetings with prospects that are ready to buy for only $999/month. Book a 15-minute consultation now.

Get 3 – 5 meetings every week

We can fill your calendar with 3- 5 meetings every week. Just tell us who is your ideal customer, and we’ll get you meetings with them.

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