Top 15 LinkedIn Lead Generation Services to Consider in 2023

Top 15 LinkedIn Lead Generation Services to Consider in 2023
  • Are you tired of scrolling through endless LinkedIn profiles, sending countless connection requests, and receiving minimal responses? 
  • Are you looking for an efficient and effective way to generate high-quality leads on LinkedIn to boost your sales efforts? 

Finding and converting high-quality leads is the Holy Grail for many entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople — and LinkedIn offers a unique platform where you can network and gain B2B buyers at the same time. 

We will explore the best LinkedIn lead generation services that can supercharge your lead generation strategy and help you connect with your potential customers. 

Whether you’re a small business owner, a sales professional, or a marketer, we will guide you to finding the perfect LinkedIn lead generation service that fits your needs and helps you achieve remarkable results. 

What exactly does a LinkedIn lead generation service do?  

A LinkedIn lead generation service partners with your business to capture new prospects and convert them to boost the sales pipeline through the use of LinkedIn.

They help you to discover prospective clients and make initial contact with them on behalf of your business. This provides pre-qualified leads, which you can focus on to close deals.

Since many businesses find it challenging to validate and qualify leads on LinkedIn, you will need a LinkedIn lead generation service that has the resources and understands how to make the process easier.

After all, LinkedIn is the most effective B2B social media channel for generating qualified leads. This implies that they can:

  • Capture good leads that can accelerate the sales cycle and increase conversions
  • Curate customized lead generation strategies that can work for your business
  • Expand your market reach by uncovering leads you haven’t considered before
  • Ensure you do not leave any quality leads on the table

With the best LinkedIn lead generation service, you don’t have to do guesswork or worry whether everything is on the right track. This makes you channel your efforts and time toward other business activities that require your attention. 

Top LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

Here are 15 LinkedIn lead generation services you can consider to grow your business. 

1 – Nerdy Joe

If you’re familiar with our blog, you’re likely aware that our primary avenue for lead generation is through cold emails. However, we also boast expertise in connecting businesses with potential buyers through proven LinkedIn lead generation strategies. 

Our core offering revolves around our team utilizing a plethora of strategies and techniques to identify, connect with, and engage promising leads on LinkedIn. Our ultimate aim is to bring them closer to your brand so that your sales team can convert them into valued customers.

Unlike most other LinkedIn lead generation companies that offer a smorgasbord of services, ranging from profile optimization to targeted prospecting, connection requests and messaging, content creation, and posting, as well as analytics and reporting, our service at Nerdy Joe is unique. 

We solely focus on targeted prospecting and LinkedIn outreach – our unwavering devotion is to lead generation.  

What truly sets us apart from other lead generation agencies is our unwavering commitment to quality. We firmly believe that generating leads is only the first step; the real challenge lies in converting those leads into loyal customers.

That’s precisely why our emphasis is on generating leads that are not only interested in your product or service but are also more likely to convert into actual buyers. 

We acknowledge that every business is distinct, which is why we offer fully customized lead generation solutions that are tailor-made to suit your unique needs.

Why Nerdy Joe is your best LinkedIn lead generation service

We charge you for the results, not the number of prospects we target

Typically, LinkedIn lead generation services can be categorized into two groups when it comes to their pricing and how it pertains to the services they include in their deals. Let’s detail each category:

  • Companies that charge you based on the number of LinkedIn accounts they reach out to for you. They detail the different services included in the deal, and they limit it to a specific number of prospects. They don’t include anything about the results you should expect but only the number of people they’ll reach out to. 
  • Companies that charge you based on the work they do for you and not the results they will bring you. These are the types of LinkedIn lead gen agencies that offer all kinds of LinkedIn-related services, from profile optimization, content creation, analytics, etc. 

Here is why we don’t believe that working with either of the companies above is beneficial for your business. None of these companies actually focuses their work around the results or the leads they will bring to your company. 

If you are looking for a LinkedIn lead generation service, for us, it means that you are primarily looking to get more leads from LinkedIn to fill your sales pipeline and grow your business. And so, any lead generation service you pay for should circle around the leads they will bring to your table. 

That’s why at Nerdy Joe, our lead generation service is not about the number of LinkedIn messages we send, the number of prospects we reach out to, or the work we do, but rather the results we deliver — the number of leads we bring in or the number of appointments we book.

At Nerdy Joe, we only charge you based on the number of QUALIFIED leads we generate or the number of appointments we book for your sales team.

Because of this, we eliminate all the vanity metrics like the number of InMails or LinkedIn connections sent, and the number of opens. These are good metrics to understand our campaign success or lack thereof, but they are not results we should report to you. 

Instead, we focus on metrics that are meaningful to your lead generation goals. Some of the metrics we report on include:

  • Number of positive replies
  • Number of meetings booked
  • Lead to close rate

For instance, if you want to work with us to increase the customer base for your SaaS product, we’ll report:

  • The number of new sign-ups you get. 
  • The number of positive replies we get.
  • The number of demo calls we book for you.
  • And the number of new clients we get for you.
We manually build lists and fact-check each prospect

The typical approach most LinkedIn lead generation agencies employ when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn and building lead lists is that they will ask you a few questions about your target market, then develop an ideal customer profile they believe will fit your needs. 

The next step is to make sure that you sign up for a LinkedIn premium account, buy a LinkedIn sales navigator plan, set up a few filters to build lists of 1000s of prospects to send messages to in a few minutes, and then use some LinkedIn lead generation tools to monitor the campaign.  

And guess what? 

It could work. It does work for some companies, and they can get some leads. But at what price? We understand the level of data accuracy and customization it takes to cut it into someone’s inbox with an unsolicited message or connections to get their attention. 

Also, here is why we don’t trust the data from the LinkedIn sales navigator when we build our lists or do prospecting: data accuracy.

People don’t always update their LinkedIn profile as you think. They still keep out-of-date details from years ago, job descriptions that are no longer valid, and move to other companies, and LinkedIn sales navigators can’t fact-check them and sort them. 

Also, there have been a lot of layoffs lately (especially in the tech industry), and the feature can’t make the difference between who still works at a company and who doesn’t anymore. LinkedIn Sales Navigator just scrapes whatever data they find, without fact-checking them, and running campaigns off such data will just result in a fiasco. 

What’s even more interesting is that finding prospects in this way doesn’t really tell you anything about their pain points or why you should be targeting them. 

So instead, we want quality data that we can use to create personalized messages that make the prospects feel like we know them and everything about their day-to-day and more. Because of this, we don’t use Sales Navigator, and here is what we do instead:

Upon signing up with us, the first thing we do is ask about your ICP.

We ask questions like:

  • Which type of clients has the highest lifetime value?
  • Which type of clients is easiest to close?
  • Which type of clients churns the fastest?
  • What are the top 3 objections you hear from prospective clients during sales calls?
  • Why did you start your company? 
  • What pain points were you trying to solve?
  • Etc.

As you elaborate on these questions and answer them, we can pinpoint precisely what accounts we should target and why — and it gets easy to do it manually. And this type of information helps us get really specific in our list building. 

Here is how specific we can get:

“Our ICP is a CTO at a software company selling to DevOps, and his main pain points are lack of organization, time management, and team collaboration. He often refers to John Doe’s LinkedIn posts to get insights as to how to manage his team efficiently.” 

Once we have a clear understanding of who the ICP is, we proceed to manually build our list, and that’s what we use to run our lead generation campaigns.

We offer solid outreach with super-personalization

Head over to any LinkedIn lead generation service’s website, and you’ll note that part of their strategy is to send several thousands of LinkedIn messages to close a small percentage of their prospects as leads for you. 

It even aligns with their approach of building huge lists off of Sales Navigator, creating a persona-based message template, and blasting connections and messages. They imagine scenarios like sending 1000 connection messages per day, and at the end of the week, you have at least 100 replies and 10 booked calls or clients closed. 

This is simple math, and it makes sense. It could even work. We are not claiming that it won’t. But here is a quick question for you. How would you like your brand or company to be perceived by your potential buyers on a social media platform like LinkedIn? 

Or, which of the following LinkedIn marketing agencies would you choose?  

  • A: One that builds huge lists of thousands of people and blasts them with generic messages and hopes to convert a reasonable percentage of them. 
  • B: On that builds a well-researched list of 30 prospects and crafts personalized, relevant, and compelling messages to reach out to them and close a good deal of them.

B, yeah? That’s what we figured. 

The thing is, the A agency could get you results too. Because it’s easy to believe the more connections and messages you send, the more likely you are to close clients. 

But that’s the best way to damage your brand and your relationship with prospective clients. Here are some well-known issues attached with targeting huge prospects lists. 

  • You’ll come across as a spammer.  
  • LinkedIn could ban or restrict your account for heavy activity.
  • Targeting thousands of prospects means that you can’t actually take the time to make each message unique to each recipient. You’ll sound generic, and non-specific, and people will see you as selfish.
  • It’ll kill your company’s reputation, and you’ll get a bad rap on LinkedIn. 
  • The quality of the leads you get will be subpar. 

We avoid this by being super-specific in who we target (as seen with our prospecting and list-building approach) and creating personalized messages, to a very short prospect list of LinkedIn members, and guess what? It works. 

We don’t believe we have to send 1000 connections and messages per day to get you 4 sign-ups or meetings booked at the end of the month. Our ideal scenario is that we send 20 messages, get 15 replies, 10 positives, and get you 4 sales-qualified leads or sign-ups.

The only way we are able to do this is through excellent, manual prospecting and strong personalization. By personalization, we mean we make each message relatable and timely to the individual recipient. 

You might wonder where we get information about each prospect or member of your target audience we use for personalization.

  • We read their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon posts.
  • We check the people they follow and the posts they like or comment on.
  • We read the LinkedIn profiles and discussions in the LinkedIn groups they’re in.
  • We listen to podcasts they have been on.
  • We read blog posts they wrote. 

Using the data we collect, we craft first lines and icebreakers customized to each individual.

Here’s what it looks like in real life. We pitched a prospect on LinkedIn for one of our clients.

We won’t make you sign any long-term contracts. You’ll get results from the first month

Most lead generation companies will ask you to sign a 3 to 6-month contract before you start working together. They’ll explain it by saying they’ll need to do some testing and that the purchase journey is long. 

That means that you pay every month for the results you are supposed to get — even when you don’t get them. So, this makes you invest a lot of money, and at the end of the day, you may not have anything to show for it. That’s why our services are subscription-based businesses. 

We promise to offer you results exactly from the first month, and you’ll have to choose whether to continue to pay and get the results or whether you want to stop working with us — depending on how satisfied you are with our service and your budget. 

That means that even before the get-go, you know exactly what you are paying for. We eliminate the stress that comes with long-term and binding contracts and let you decide. 

2 – Sales Bread

Sales Bread is a LinkedIn lead generation agency that helps B2B companies generate qualified leads through LinkedIn and email outreach. They have partnered with various brands such as Avidon Health, RegAlytics, Recurly, ChatLingual, Clearlink, and more. 

Once you sign up for their services, they get you 1 qualified lead per day and 20+ qualified sales leads through personalized LinkedIn messages and emails. 

Here is an overview of how their process works.

  • They host a 60-minute campaign strategy session with you
  • They build a list that has your potential customers
  • They perform sales research and engage in copywriting
  • They personalize messages for prospects
  • They conduct a multi-channel outreach using LinkedIn and emails
  • They deliver leads daily

Contrary to Nerdy Joe’s website, which displays its pricing information on its website, Sales Bread doesn’t have its pricing details on its website. Instead, you must schedule a free consultation call with them to request a quote and get additional information. 

3 – LinkedSelling

LinkedSelling is a B2B lead generation and sales development firm that helps firms to generate qualified leads and book appointments through a multi-channel approach such as LinkedIn ads, email marketing, Facebook ads, and phone calls. 

Their goal is to scale the volume and quality of the leads generated after running ad campaigns for your business. To do this, they go through the following processes:

  • Define your campaign goals
  • Control the lead generation process 
  • Target and qualify your audience
  • Attract premium prospects and fill your sales calendar
  • Improve your campaign to lower lead costs and scale over time.

To get their pricing details, you must book a free consultation with them. 

4 – CallBox

CallBox is a B2B lead generation agency that offers lead generation and sales appointment-setting services for its clients. They have partnered with global brands, including Forbes, Acer, HP, DHL, Toshiba, and more. 

The company executes a multi-channel marketing approach where they combine emails, SEO, phone calls, chatbots, and social media to generate qualified leads and uncover other sales opportunities. 

They execute their marketing campaign through these four steps.

  • They ideal your ideal prospects by focusing on high-value accounts
  • They produce a detailed report of each account and build a complete profile for them
  • They reach out to the prospects
  • They build and nurture connections with these prospects to scale them through the buying process.

The lead generation agency also uses Pipeline and HubSpot to automate their customer acquisition processes to drive sales. There is no information about their pricing packages but you can request a quote to work with them. 

5 – Cience

Cience is another B2B lead generation service that offers sales development and appointment-setting service for various companies in 195+ companies. They have partnered with global brands such as Microsoft, Google, Uber, Yamaha, Strike Graph, US Bank, and more.

Thanks to their outbound lead generation approach, they can validate your ICP, target highly qualified leads through a multi-channel approach, and optimize their SDR activities to generate more sales. These multi-channel approaches include social media marketing, web prospecting, email marketing, and phone calls. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe’s subscription plan, Cience requires you to sign up for a 6-month contract before they generate sales opportunities for your business. There are no pricing details on their website, but you can fill out a form and talk to an SDR to request a quote. 

6 – Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that focuses on creating personalized LinkedIn lead generation campaigns for sales and marketing professionals, lead generation agencies, growth hackers, and business owners. According to their website, they get a 70% acceptance rate and have successfully generated over 160,000 leads. 

Their prospects begin by targeting your ideal prospects on LinkedIn and sending them connection requests. Then, they create and send personalized messages to get more responses from the targeted audience. Each response is analyzed to ensure the growth of the pipeline.

They also integrate with other tools such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier, LeadFuze, SharpSpring, and more. Dux-Soup offers pricing plans for different groups – individual, team, and agency. However, we will only focus on their pricing plan for agencies, and this includes:

  • Pro plan, which costs $337.50 per month
  • Turbo plan, which costs $412.50 per month.

7 – Zopto

Zopto is a LinkedIn lead generation service that helps businesses to improve their prospecting efforts and grow in a scalable way through LinkedIn and email. They have partnered with leading companies, including HP, Cisco, Tata, EMC, AdDriver, Lightico, DoGood, and more.

They begin the process by targeting your ideal prospects and filtering the list to focus on qualified leads. Then, they use some tech tools (Chat GPT and AI-powered templates) to create and send a connection request and customized messages on a large scale to trigger sales conversations with the targeted prospects and get you new leads.

They also integrate with some notable CRMs such as Zapier, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Upon completion of the campaigns, they provide you with a real-time report to evaluate performance and optimize results. 

Zopto offers three pricing packages for their clients, which include:

  • Personal plan, which costs $215 per month,
  • Grow plan, which costs $344 per month, and,
  • Agency and Enterprise plan, which costs $860 per month. 

8 – LinkedCamp

LinkedCamp is a LinkedIn automation tool that creates high-performance lead generation campaigns and performs LinkedIn outreach to SaaS companies, brokers, financial advisors, insurance agents, and more. According to their website, they have worked with various top-rated companies such as Verizon, Hubstaff, SAP, and 

Thanks to their unique features, they mainly focus on automating your LinkedIn activities to drive sales. These features include:

  • A dedicated country-based IP address that provides a new proxy IP address to replicate human behavior and boost your outreach efforts.
  • Automation scheduler to schedule your campaigns (follow-up messages and email) and tasks in specific time zones.A cloud-based feature that enables automation to take place without turning on your devices
  • Smart limits that send at least 100 messages and invitations
  • Auto warm-up features to add a human touch to your campaigns. 

They also use the Sales Navigator to target your ideal clients and integrate with various third-party tools (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Hyperise, and to scale your revenue. They offer various flexible pricing options, which include:

  • Start-up plans which cost $69 per month
  • B2B marketers plan, which costs $79 per month
  • Lead generation agencies plan, which costs $99 per month. 

9 – The Lead Tree

The Lead Tree is a lead generation agency that offers telemarketing list services to grow businesses and achieve their sales goals. They target specific industries and demographics to ensure that your marketing efforts reach the best audience. 

Some of their processes include:

  • List customization where they tailor your specific needs to your target audience, their location, and industry
  • Data collection where they use LinkedIn lead gen forms and create sponsored content on the LinkedIn feed to collect data from your LinkedIn page
  • Data cleaning and verification, where they clean, verify and update data to ensure that it is accurate and relevant
  • Data segmentation, where they segment data based on demographics, interests, and behavior to make the campaigns more effective
  • Data appending is where they append missing information (contact details such as email addresses, and phone numbers) to the data and reach more prospects.

They also oblige relevant laws and regulations relating to data collection and privacy. Although there are no pricing details on their website, you can email or call them to receive more information about their pricing options. 

10 – BizzBee Solutions

BizzBee Solutions is a B2B lead generation agency that offers LinkedIn lead generation services for consultants, software providers, agencies, and other various companies. They focus on generating qualified leads and growing your sales pipeline without wasting money on ads. 

To do this, they implement a LinkedIn Growth Formula that involves these processes.

  • They optimize your LinkedIn profile to give you an SEO boost and attract the best audience for your business
  • Their LinkedIn lead generation expert performs some independent research on target companies to identify your ICP 
  • They craft bulletproof copies based on your ICP, send, and follow up on the messages.
  • They send real-time and monthly reports to evaluate your progress. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe which displays its pricing details on its website, there is no pricing information about its LinkedIn lead generation service on the website. Instead, you can schedule a meeting with their experts to implement the formula for your business.

11 – Cleverly

Cleverly is a LinkedIn lead generation agency that generates qualified leads and drives more revenues for businesses. According to their website, they have partnered with various notable brands, including Google, Amazon, Time, PayPal, Uber, Unilever, Cisco, Sony, Hulu, Lego, and more.

They begin their LinkedIn lead generation process by leveraging high-performing data to target and engage the most qualified decision-makers and drive them into your sales funnel. To be more explicit, here is an overview of their processes.

  • They build targeted and qualified lists of ideal prospects on LinkedIn
  • They write personalized cold outreach messages that get responses
  • They send these custom messages to your ideal prospects each month
  • They notify you when the leads respond to enable you to close the deal. 

The agency offers a three-tier pricing plan for its LinkedIn lead generation service, and this includes:

  • Silver plan, which costs $397 per month,
  • Gold plan, which costs $497 per month,
  • Platinum plan, which costs $997 per month.

12 – RevNew

RevNew is a B2B LinkedIn lead generation service that helps you generate qualified leads and scale your business. They focus on creating and implementing an excellent LinkedIn marketing strategy to make your business visible and reach potential customers. 

Here is a quick view of their processes.

  • They analyze millions of data on LinkedIn to build a list of qualified ideal prospects 
  • They craft personalized and cold outreach messages that receive responses
  • They send personalized messages through LinkedIn InMail service to prevent them from getting lost
  • They capture a qualified LinkedIn prospect and secure appointment settings with decision-makers in target companies
  • They notify you once they get a response to enable you to close the deal. 

There is no pricing detail on their website, but you can schedule a strategy call to get a quote.

13 – Leadium

Leadium is a sales development agency that provides lead generation and appointment-setting services for various companies such as Veem, MedPanel, SignalWire, Segment, PFL, and more. 

They are a data-driven agency as their experts rely on and validate high-intent data that matches your ICP. They also craft custom data lists to meet your specific campaign needs and generate leads through your preferred engagement channel.

They implement various sales strategies through various channels such as LinkedIn, email, SMS, phone calls, and more to set up qualified meetings that can convert. They source their data from tools or companies such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google, SemRush, Uplead, Cognism,, SalesIntek, Yelp, Been Verified, and more. 

You must fill out a form on their website to get information about their pricing.

14 – Brightest Minds

Brightest Minds is a B2B LinkedIn lead generation service that generates leads and improves sales for various companies. They have worked with top global companies and startups, including IBM, Cora, CurrencyFair, Veeve, and more. 

They implement a verified LinkedIn marketing strategy through high-quality tech and LinkedIn experts to increase sales for various companies. To do this, they target their ideal prospects by considering some criteria such as company growth data, staff count, sub-industries, community interests, and mobile app revenue.

Then, they add a human touch to the campaigns through powerful automation tools like Marketo and employ experts such as sales prospectors, sales growth managers, researchers, data analysts, and other specialists to perform the task. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe which deals with a monthly subscription plan, Brightest Minds requires you to sign up for a 3-month contract before generating sales opportunities for your business. You can contact them more to receive specific information about their pricing details.

15 – Respect Studio

Respect Studio is a digital marketing agency that offers LinkedIn lead generation services to generate qualified leads and drive sales for businesses.

They focus on building meaningful relationships with key decision-makers and implementing multiple marketing strategies to uncover sales opportunities. 

Their process is as follows:

  • They go beyond the LinkedIn filter and manually select people that fit your ICP
  • They engage with your prospects daily and optimize campaigns to increase results
  • They craft a personalized outreach strategy that fits your ideal prospects
  • They provide you with relevant information about the qualified leads and sync the data with your CRM. 

Unlike Nerdy Joe, they do not display their pricing details on their website. But you can contact them to get a quote. 

Criteria for evaluating LinkedIn lead generation services

Here are some factors you can consider to choose the right LinkedIn lead generation service for your business. 

1. Quality of leads

Common speculation from traditional sales and marketing strategies is the prioritization of lead quantity over quality. After all, the typical idea is that the more leads you to have, the higher the chance that some of them will convert. But, that often doesn’t work.

If a service wants to make a difference in your company’s sales, they have to go dig deeper. Their focus should be on targeting qualified leads. 

What you should look out for in these services is how they generate these leads. Do they surf through hundreds of lead gen tools and send you tons of emails per minute? Or do they search for your ideal client when building your quality lead list?

2. Cost/pricing model

When it comes to selecting LinkedIn lead generation services, you get what you pay for. You should try to find a service that can help you achieve your revenue goals while maintaining a positive ROI. 

Check their pricing model to see if it is the right fit for your business. Do they charge per lead? Per purchase? A flat monthly fee? Or something else? Ensure you understand this before working with them. 

3. Experience and expertise

Expertise is another crucial factor you must consider when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation. You can evaluate the lead gen service’s expertise based on its online brand presence. 

Anything they do online will influence how you perceive them. To make things easier, here are a few characteristics that show the best services for lead generation on LinkedIn. 

  • A professionally designed and well-functioning website 
  • A dedicated service page that explains their offers explicitly
  • A strong brand presence on social media platforms, especially on LinkedIn
  • An active blog section that contains helpful content and answers your questions about LinkedIn lead generation
  • A strong portfolio of case studies, positive reviews, and awards — potentially.

4. Transparency and reporting

A good LinkedIn lead generation service must give adequate reports to its clients. Whether it is on a weekly or a monthly basis, they must always deliver these reports consistently. 

This enables you to have an open discussion with them. You can also evaluate the performance of their campaign through these reports and determine whether it is a success or not. 

Work with Nerdy Joe to generate leads from LinkedIn

There you have it. We believe each of the LinkedIn lead generation services listed in this article has the potential to help you reach out to people on LinkedIn and generate leads for your sales team. 

But if what you’re looking for is:

  • An agency that charges you for results, not tasks or the number of prospects they reach out to.
  • An agency that doesn’t require you to commit to a contract.
  • An agency that does not waste your time and that’s affordable.
  • A group of experts that care about your company’s reputation and relationship with prospects.

Nerdy Joe is the LinkedIn lead generation service you’re looking for. 

Want to give us a try? We’ll generate 6 sales-qualified leads in your pipeline or fill your calendar with 6 meetings with high-quality leads at only $999.

Let’s fill your calendar now!

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